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Meet the Peeps of ARMAS!

Guro Alex Ercia

Alex Ercia's martial arts background consists of learning shotokan karate from his father Antonio Ercia. Alex studied Filipino Streetfighting karate from Master Gilbert Lato of the Street Fighter's Karater Club of Kabalmankali in Anos Los Banos Laguna. Master Lato taught Alex Arnis Lapu-Lapu and Nunchaku. As a teenager his father would introduce him to Filipino Martial culture. This ignited curiosity for Alex to find an Arnis instructor. His first teacher Mamang Mencio (mama is a word synonimous to uncle) taught arnis de mano (mamang Mencio did not have a name for his style of Arnis). It resembled espada y daga. As a college student Alex learned Largo mano from Lolo Tasio. The grandfather of his best friend Arnel Tandang. When Alex moved to Manila, he met GM Ernesto Presas at the University of Sto. Thomas. Alex studied at the ARJUKEN Karate/International Philippine Martial Arts Federation HeadQuarters in Quiapo, Manila. Here GM Preas introduced him to Master Martk Santos. Who became Alex's first instructor in Modern Arnis. Master Santos would teach the foundation and details of Moderna Arnis to Alex. Master Santos also taught Alex the arts of Jujitsu, Judo, Arjuken karate, Iado and tantojitsu. Then eventually became compadres. Mark Santos by the way coined the ARMAS name. Master Santos gave Alex the permission to make a U.S. Chapter. Then Master Santos would introduce Alex to Senior Master Samuel "Bambit" Dulay. Under Master Dulay Alex would learn the intricacies of the Classical Arnis. Then Alex was introduced to Head Master Cristino Vasquez. Master Vasquez would taught Alex the Espada Y daga, Freestyle Tapi-tapi and Advance Mano Mano applications. As Alex has gone through thorough training of Modern Arnis, GM Ernesto took Alex under his wing to refine his movements. Under GM Ernesto Alex would train 8 hour days for five years. Here he learned Daga fighting, Bankaw, Mano Mano as it was evolving, Advance Tapi Tapi.
Guro Alex and Master Mark Santos would do their own research of the other Filipino Martial arts. Together they went to Antonio "Tatang" Ilustrisimo to train in Kalis Ilustrisimo. Then learned Kalaki Arkanis from Master Inocencio " Sioc" Glaraga. Master Glaraga is also a student of Tatang Ilustrisimo, Master Tony Diego, Master Topher, and Master Yuli Romo. Under Master Glaraga Alex and Mark learned the intricacies of Kalis Ilustrisimo and Kalaki Arkanis. Now Alex is learning Balintawak Arnis from GM Ver Villasin, son of late GM Jose Villasin. Alex teaches privately as A.R.M.A.S. U.S. Chapter.

Guro Alex Bayot France

Alex France's martial arts background started with Wado Ryu karate, dabbled in Kuk Sul won, Small Circle jujitsu, Modern Arnis with Dr. Remy Presas Jr. and Balintawak Arnis with GM Ver Villasin. But Alex became a serious student of GM Ernesto Presas after seeing a seiminar at his own Filipino martial arts Academy, while he was closing his school. Fascinated by the flow and skill of GM Ernesto he was convinced he would study Modern Arnis/Kombatan. He is now teaching a small group in Pleasanton CA using the IPMAF HQ U.S. as a name for his group.

Master Warlito Concepcion

Kuya Lito as we all are fond of calling him. Studied Tae kwon do with Master William Kim. While training in Tae kwon do he met Guro Dave Ducay of Doce Pares Eskrima. Lito learned Doce Pares Eskrima from Guro Dave. Then Lito studied Modern Arnis from Guro Andy Castillo a student of GM Ernesto Presas. After the closing of Guro Castillo's school of Modern Arnis Lito decided to learn straight from GM Ernesto. Now like all of us in ARMAS Lito has been networking and meeting other FMA groups to learn and share the arts. Master Lito has proudly won at the regional West Coast WEKAF tournament in Anyo/Forms/Carenza and Sparring. Master Lito teaches in his school the Concepcion Combative Academy also in Vallejo CA.

Guro Brando Castillo

Brando Castillo has a background in Hapkido. Of which he is second degree blackbelt. Brando is a direct student of Master Lito Concepcion. He studied other arts like kickboxing, Modern Arnis under Guro Raul Jornales, Grappling from the Black Octopus martial arts systems and Balintawak Arnis and Doce Pares WEKAF tournament fighting from Guro Gabe of Hayward. He also studied with GM Ernesto Presas Sr, and Master Jan Presas. Now he teaches at the Concepcion Combative Academy in Vallejo CA.

ARMAS is a group of arnisadors with different martial arts backgrounds. That have decided to continue and propagate the legacy of GM Ernesto Presas and other masters they have trained under. WE ARE NOT A NEW STYLE! We are open minded martial artists who love all martial ars systems. Hence, ARMAS. Our goal is to spread the Filipino Martial arts FIRST and other arts we have studied.